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Mr. Teng Hexian:

As Runfar Investment Group’s founder, Mr. Teng Hexian at present is the group’s Board Chairman and President, Hong Kong Oriental Gas Group’s Board Chairman, Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs Alliance’s Chairman, President of ZGXSZS.COM.
Social Positions: Vice Chairman of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Vice Chairman of Chinese Petroleum Society, Vice Chairman of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in America, Chairman of Shui Mu Tsinghua Student Association of Tsinghua University, etc.
Educational Attainment: EMBA from Tsinghua University, EMBA from Peking University.



  Mr. Cui Jinfu:

As Runfar Investment Group’s Vice President, Mr. Cui Jinfu holds a Master’s Degree from the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC. He has rich business management experience, particularly practical experience in HR management, administrative system management and corporate culture construction.




  Mr. Teng Yuankai

As Runfar Investment Group’s Assistant President, General Manager of Shandong Runfar Petroleum Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd., Executive Council Member of Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs Alliance, Mr. Teng Yuanjie once worked in China Resources Gas and Everassion Private Equity Fund Management Company. He has rich business management experience and years of experience studying in Britain.





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